A scene depicting the new armors and glider on one of the new islands

Dauntless: Reforged First Impressions (PC)

Dauntless: Reforged is a complete overhaul to the Dauntless experience. Featuring reworked progression, new locations for hunting Behemoths, freedom to progress how you like in your "Slayer's path", and new ways to push the power of your slayer's bui...

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Dauntless OBT: What to expect

Dauntless is a Co-op action RPG which will enter open beta this very May 24th. I've been playing since a while ago during its early access, and last closed beta patch included quite a big update, adding a new progression system, Daily and weekly miss...

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Dauntless Preview: “Sharpen your Skills” Update

It's the new and improved (hopefully) Dauntless! With damage types, further armor customization, new mission systems, and two new behemoths to slay, the game has certainly undergone quite the change. However, the lingering question is: is it going...

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Dauntless Frostfall Event Begins Today

Dauntless, the Behemoth-slaying online co-op action RPG from Phoenix Labs, is celebrating the holiday season with Frostfall, which blankets the game in snow and adds seasonal content starting today, December 19th, and running through early January 20...

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Dauntless Preview (ver 0.2.8)

It's "I Can't Believe it's not Monster Hunter!" Same great taste, none of the money! Well, eventually. This Cooperative Action RPG will be free-to-play in 2018 and it's on the right track to attract Monster Hunter fans. The question is, as fun as ...

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Dauntless Closed Beta Begins

Developers Phoenix Labs have launched the highly anticipated online coop RPG, into closed beta for the PC yesterday. The main aim of the closed beta is build on Dauntless' live service, and make regular updates to improve the overall gameplay experie...