Chivalry 2

Xbox Game Pass October's First Half of Content

Xbox Game Pass: October’s First Half of Content

The Xbox Game Pass catalogue continues to grow with nine new additions announced for the first half of October, including numerous Day One releases, a highly anticipated horror experience, a sequel to an award-winning game, and more. We also know wha...

Chivalry 2 Archer Guide - How To Dominate From Afar

Chivalry 2 Archer Guide: How to Dominate From Afar

Whether you're using a longbow, crossbow or javelins, this guide will help you master the Archer class in Chivalry 2. The following tips and tricks will detail the best tactics and playstyles to help you be the best. Many would consider archers to be...

All Chivalry 2 Trophy References to Popular Films and TV

All Chivalry 2 Trophy References to Popular Films and TV

The trophy and achievements list for Chivalry 2 is full of references to various films, TV shows and more. This is a breakdown of each and how they relate to the game. If you're a fan of stuff like Game of Thrones or Monty Python, you'll have a good ...

Chivalry 2 Review - On the Edge of Glory (PS5)

Chivalry 2 Review: On the Edge of Glory (PS5)

Whether you're slicing off heads as a valiant knight or picking off clueless squires as an archer, Chivalry 2 has it all. This medieval multiplayer slasher has hours of gory and epic fun, with a dash of silliness. The coming months will decide if the...

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