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Candleman: The Complete Journey Review

Candleman is a surprisingly atmospheric, moody, artistically driven title that offers up basic platforming. That never holds it back from being a truly memorable experience that tells a simple story with a fairytale, poetic quality. With this formula...

9 Amazing
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Candleman Review (Xbox One)

You are Candleman: A lonely candle burning brightly within the darkness. The beacon glows in the distance; ships, forests, rivers and caves lie between. Does the light truly shine for this indie platformer? Or does it just add to the pile of mediocr...

7 Good
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Adorable Xbox One exclusive Candleman launches in February

Candleman Gets Lit on February 1, Available Exclusively on Xbox One. Amid darkness and danger, help Candleman navigate his way to the distant light with only 10 seconds to glow. BEIJING – Jan. 18, 2017 How far can you travel alone in the dark?&...