Rumour: Is Rockstar Games teasing Bully 2?

Rumour: Is Rockstar Games Now Teasing Bully 2?

Rockstar Games is at it again, teasing something new in its website's artwork. Phrases within the artwork suggest a connection to a possible Bully sequel. Could the developer be about to announce GTA 6 and Bully 2? Let's dive into the rumour mill. S...

Bully retrospective: The franchise that never was

Bully Retrospective: The Franchise That Never Was

Recent news suggests that a Bully sequel is increasingly unlikely, so, let's look back at the fantastic original. This Bully retrospective will look at the game's inception, the controversy it caused & why it's one of Rockstar's finest games. If we n...

Is Rockstar Games Hinting at a Bully Sequel?

Excitement is beginning to build for a possible Bully sequel. GTA5 Online has purchasable artwork, including a painting of the crest of Bullworth Academy, the school in that Bully protagonist, Jimmy Hopkins, attends. This may simply be easter egg, bu...

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