Battle Royale

Civilization VI Adds Battle Royale Mode

Battle Royale is taking over the gaming world. What started as an office joke has become the official mode for Sid Meier's Civilization VI. BEWARE THE RED DEATH Civilization VI has just released a new patch with plenty of updates and bug fixes. That&...

Fallout 76 Adds Free Battle Royale Mode with Nuclear Winter

A Nuclear Winter is coming to Fallout 76, and they're willing to bring 52 people along. The free-to-play battle royale addition to Fallout 76 is sure to get the gaming community talking for weeks on end. Will it save the game? Such remains to be seen...

Ashes of Creation

MMO Ashes of Creation May Just Reinvent The Wheel

Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMO by Intrepid Studios that offers various world altering mechanics through player interaction. What makes it throb with sheer potential is the fact that its world will never be the same for too long. Cities will ris...

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