Aven Colony

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Aven Colony Review

Become the Governor of your own colony on Aven Prime. Battle resource deficiencies as the planet fights back against foreign visitors. Become a beacon of hope for future expeditions and landing parties as you navigate the campaign mode. Alien planets...

9.6 Amazing
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Aven Colony partners with Team17 to bring console release

Aven Colony joins Team17’s games label. Fight for the survival of the human race on a hostile alien world in engrossing sci-fi city-builder. UK – 30th January 2017 Award-winning veteran games developer and international games label Team17 has t...

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Aven Colony: Developer Interview

We've asked the developers who are creating Aven Colony, Mothership Entertainment, to answer a few questions for our readers. They where kind enough to do this for us. Here is what they had to say. A week ago we released a Preview, by our editor DjPa...

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Preview: Aven Colony, SimCity in space

Aven Colony is one of those gems from the industry that pop up once in a while. Though we are having a great year in gaming land, Aven Colony is this year's gem in sci-fi city building games. introduction You landed on a far away planet, your mothers...