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Alan Wake 2 Is Fully Playable, Says Remedy

Alan Wake 2 Is Fully Playable, Says Remedy

Remedy Entertainment reveals Alan Wake 2 is entirely playable. In the Financial Statements for 2022, the CEO Tero Virtala also confirmed works on Control 2 and claimed the studio is prepared to launch a big game each year. Together with other teams, ...

Alan Wake Remastered - 5 Essential Beginners Tips

Alan Wake: Remastered – 5 Essential Beginners Tips

Without some guidance, Alan Wake, armed with his dinky flashlight, won't last long. This guide outlines five essential tips that'll help you survive anything that the dark force controlling Bright Falls has to offer. These beginners tips will power y...

Alan Wake Remastered Review Still A Masterpiece Xbox Series X cover

Alan Wake Remastered Review: Still A Masterpiece (XSX)

Alan Wake Remastered introduces a surreal and atmospheric story to a new generation, and provides a nostalgic retelling for veteran fans. Find out if the survival horror gameplay is still fun, and if the enhanced visuals are worth the price tag in th...

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Alan Wake Remastered - trophies & achievements list

Alan Wake Remastered – Trophies & Achievements List

Haunted by the shadow-clad figures, writer Alan Wake must solve a profoundly personal mystery. Armed with a pistol and flashlight, survive the deadly darkness and the murderous shadows that hide within. Experience this classic psychological thriller...