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Agony Review (PC)

Agony is a first person, atmospheric survival horror. Words like morbid, gruesome, explicit and visceral spring to mind for anyone who has seen the trailers, let alone played the game. In truth, those words don’t even begin to cut it. MadMind Studios...

6.5 Fair
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Agony Devs Release Demon Gameplay Trailer

Taking one step further into the darkness, Agony released new footage today showcasing the gameplay allowing players to control the demons that up until now have been the game's main antagonists. WARNING: THE VIDEOS BELOW CONTAIN DISTURBING CONTENT A...

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Agony doubled its target goal on KickStarter

Critically Acclaimed ‘Agony’ Offers A Terrifying Journey Into The Depths Of Hell On PC, XBOX One & PS4 In Q2 2017. KickStarter Target More Than Doubled With More Suffering To Dish Out!  San Francisco, CA, November 28th 2016 – dev...

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Agony Preview – A Glimpse Into Torment

Earlier this year, Bethesda and id Software took us to hell on a glorious rampage full of the shrieks of demons, the boom of shotguns and the roar of chainsaws. Mad Mind Studios now prepares to take us back, but this time, on an entirely different ki...