7 Days to Die

Finding a trader post to resupply is important.

8 Beginner Tips for 7 Days To Die

Struggling to get started in 7 Days to Die? With these beginner tips, you will be able to find the confidence to explore, avoid getting killed, have the correct materials on hand and start completing tier quests to survive in the apocalyptic wastelan...

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7 Days to Die Review (PS4)

Explore a vast world of apocalyptic, zombie-infested lands. Take on the challenges of crafting, survival, and exploration by yourself or pair up with up to 3 friends. Build shelter, endure the nights, and progress your skills in a variety of categori...

6 Fair
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7 Days to Die on Xbox One, worst game of the year?

A mixture of Minecraft and DayZ may sound like a fun idea but this new Telltale release is possibly the worst game of the year to date. 7 Days to Die originally came out on Steam's Early Access in 2013 and is now available to console users. This revi...

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Příští měsíc již na PS4 a Xbox One

Telltale oznámilo datum vydání hry 7 Days to Die od vývojářů The Fun Pimp's. Hra bude k dizpozici pro Xbox One a PlayStation 4. Tato hra o přežití s otevřeným světem kombinuje prvky FPS, TowerDefence a RPG. Ovšem obsahuje i systém craftingu, lootován...