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Call of Duty: AW – download problems on Xbox One

Call of Duty: AW - download problems on Xbox One. There are number of issues preventing some player from playing. They are complaining that the digital download freeyes and never finishes loading on their console.  And it seems that the problem ...

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Eldevin – Steam Greenlit

Eldevin - Steam Greenlit. Eldevin will release on Steam on November 6. The Steam community has voted for the game and because of its success the developers are offering a Deluxe pack and 25% discount launch sale.

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World of Warcraft – the time has come

World of Warcraft - the time has come. MMORPG summaries why now is the best time to get back to the World of Warcraft. There are many reasons: Blizzcon just behind the doors Pandaria for no extra cost New Australian servers Learn to play guides Click...

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Quantum Break – Xbox One gameplay video

Quantum Break - Xbox One gameplay video. Check out this 16 minutes long video of playing Quantum Break. You can watch the time manipulation, combat and more. But I must think about one not very logical fact. How can you hear sounds if the time is sto...

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Grave – coming also to PS4

Grave - coming also to PS4. This coming first-person survival horror game will be available also for PS4 owners. Previously it was announced just for Linux, Mac, PC and Xbox ONE.

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ArcheAge – what can you become?

ArcheAge - what can you become? MASSIVELY wrote quite a nice article about what you can become n ArcheAge. Of course you can grind the quests but there are not enough of them and the game is not set up primarily for this kind of endless activity. So ...

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Dying Light – PS3 and XBOX 360 cancelled

Dying Light - PS3 and XBOX 360 cancelled. Have you planned to play Dying Light on your PS3 or XBOX 360? Then it is time to buy a new console. Because "due to a refusal to compromise on core vision" the developer Techland has announced ...

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Evolve – Walkthrough Part 1

Evolve - Walkthrough Part 1. ZackScottGames shows you the game in HD gameplay in his 39 minutes video.

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Halo 2 – Anniversary Cinematic Launch Trailer

Halo 2 - Anniversary Cinematic Launch Trailer. This cinematic trailer is a showcase of the all-new cut-scenes in the game.Blur Studios has provided nearly an hour of completely remastered CGI cut-scenes for Halo 2: Anniversary.

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Call of Duty: AW – Zombie mode leakes

Call of Duty: AW - Zombie mode leakes. Many leaked videos of zombies in CoD: AW appeared today on the web. Activision is trying hard to remove all of them but even Glen Schofield confirmed that the zombies are true and you will be able to fight again...

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Titanfall – just for $10

Titanfall - just for $10. Now is the best time to buy Titanfall if you don't already own it. And Amazon is offering it just for $10!

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Mordheim: City of the Damned – coming to Steam Early Access

Mordheim: City of the Damned - coming to Steam Early Access. Classic board game from Games Workshop is coming to your computer soon. The turn-based RPG being developed by Rogue Factor studio is coming to Steam soon. If you want to know the precise mo...

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Sorcerer King – Early Access Review

Sorcerer King - Early Access Review. GAMESPOT wrote a review for one interesting game coming in the first half of 2015. The most unique fact which differs Sorcerer King from other strategy games is the limited time and closing doomsday. You must defe...

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Gigantic – alpha test expanding

Gigantic - alpha test expanding. The team recently announced that they need more players to test their servers: The good news? We met our goal for concurrent connections. The bad news? We all gathered around the server to watch it burst into flames&#...

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Star Citizen – AC 0.9.2 Released

Star Citizen - AC 0.9.2 Released. There are many new features in the Arena Commander 0.9.2. Apart from numerous bug fixes the most important updates are following: ITTS Enhancements – A significant change has been made in the way the targeting ...

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Novus Inceptio – first GUI version

Novus Inceptio - first GUI version. First tests of new GUI which will be in the game.

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Novus Inceptio – building tool

Novus Inceptio - building tool. These pictures are from the early Building tool and everything is made up directly in the game. It is just a basic tool and later on the game will implement complex building possibilities not just in squares.

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Elite: Dangerous – Asteroid Mining guide

Elite: Dangerous - Asteroid Mining guide. Scott Manley made a tutorial for Asteroid Mining. Watch it below. After the video are some advices from other commanders. And if you need more guides and tutorials then visit this page. And here are few advic...

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Elite: Dangerous – the making of the game

Elite: Dangerous - the making of the game. The Frontier Developments team talk through the development process behind Elite: Dangerous.

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Star Citizen – FPS gameplay video

Star Citizen - FPS gameplay video. Watch the FPS progress done in Star Citizen. You can see shooting in the station and later on also fights in Zero G which is quite unique. There are some glitches and the development in this particular part of the g...

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LotRO – update 15 information

LotRO - update 15 information. TENTONHAMMER put all the available information about the coming update to The Lord of the Rings Online. It is very well written providing the story background, what will be newly available and showing some pictures from...

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – discover your power

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - discover your power. Very nice trailer was released today. It puts together real actors and game and the final results is very appealing. Suit up and unleash the raw power of the advanced soldier in the live action tr...

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Star Trek Online – lifetime sub discounted

Star Trek Online - lifetime sub discounted. The subscription package price has been cut by $100 to $199.99. But it will lasts only until Thursday, November 20th.  Within this package you get also playable Talaxian Species, instant access to all ...

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Battlefield Hardline – delayed

Battlefield Hardline - delayed. Battlefield Hardline must be improved and implement better gameplay for cops and criminals in the Battlefield world. At least this is what the studio got from the players while it was possible to test the game.  T...

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This War of Mine – gameplay trailer

This War of Mine - gameplay trailer. 11bitstudios released today another trailer showing more of a gameplay in this realistic depiction of civilian life during wartime. And also released date has been announced! The game will be come to Steam on Nove...

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