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Silent Hills – teaser trailer from TGS

Silent Hills - teaser trailer from TGS 2014. Do you like all the Silent Hill games? Then you should be pleased by this short but atmosperic teaser.

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Deep Down – new trailer out

Deep Down - new trailer was shown on TGS. Check it out! Watch the new trailer!

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Torment: Tides of Numenera – first gameplay video

Torment: Tides of Numenera - first gameplay video. First glimpse of the successor of Planescape Torment is here.   

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ArcheAge – news from the CEO

ArcheAge - news from the CEO. ArcheAge Launch Update: Capacities, Communication, and Where to Find Info: Yesterday the CEO wrote nice post in the official ArcheAge forum. What is inside? 1. Server capacities More hardware is on its way so new servers...

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 – will it be good?

Resident Evil Revelations 2 - should we anticipate the game? Tom Phillips from Eurogamer is trying to find out if the game will meet the expectations of numerous fanbase. The game should be returning more to the original idea with favourite heroine C...

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Scrolls – price cut

Scrolls - price cut because of tablet launch. The current price for Scrolls is not convinient for tablets so the price is getting down.  "Our current price of $21 isn't feasible for tablets," Mojang said. The price will be $5 off,...

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Destiny – attracted 5 million viewers

Destiny - attracted 5 million viewers. According to Activision there were in total 20 million views on Twitch last week from which were 5 million unique ones. Viewers watched 240 million minutes of Destiny gameplay during the week.

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Final Fantasy Type-0 – 25 minutes of gameplay

Final Fantasy Type-0 - 25 minutes of gameplay. IGN is showing long gameplay of this new FF game coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

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Yakuza 0 – first in-game footage

Yakuza 0 - first in-game footage. Yakuza 0, the PS4 and PS3 prequel to the first Yakuza game showed its first in-game trailer at Tokyo Games Show earlier today.

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Battlefield Hardline – Hotwire multiplayer trailer

Battlefield Hardline - Hotwire multiplayer trailer. "Whether you’re the cops or the criminals, the goal in Battlefield Hardline’s Hotwire mode is to get to the marked cars and drive fast. This is high speed chases like you’ve n...

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Star Citizen – Around the verse

Star Citizen - Around the verse, 14th epizode. What is happening in the universe of Star Citizen? "We’re working to build a program that interfaces you more directly with the team behind the game.The fourteenth episode features an intervie...

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Bloodborne – 30 minutes gameplay

Bloodborne - 30 minutes gameplay. It's the same video as you could have seen at E3 but now it's whole without any missing pieces. Let's watch how you will die in few months :-).

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – 20 mins gameplay

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - 20 mins gameplay. #metalgearsolid New 20 minutes trailer of new Metal Gear Solid V gameplay. Enjoy!

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EVE Online – Clarion Call 4

EVE Online - Clarion Call 4. Commented video of one huge fight. 1 hour video of a several massive fights on 0 space. If you are interested of the system, how the wars, diplomacy, strategy and more work then watch this very interesting video with a gr...

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Life is Feudal – promo trailer

Life is Feudal - promo trailer. Tomorrow is the release day! If you haven't seen the promo trailer then it is the right time to do so. Because just one more day and the game is going to be available through Steam!

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ArcheAge – early verdict

ArcheAge - early verdict and is it really pay-to-win? Jef Reahard from Massively wrote his final Day six diary where he puts the early verdict and deal with P2W or not P2W problem.  He has spent in the game about 30 hours and it is more a previe...

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NBA 2K15 – scan your face into the game!

NBA 2K15 - scan your face into the game! You will be able to scan your face using first-party technology like the PlayStation camera on PS4 to create 3D model of your face. Let's play and score with your person not just behind the gamepad!

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Battleborn – new friendly shooter

Battleborn - new friendly shooter. New five-player cooperative (or competitive) first-person shooter hinged on cartoon heroes games is coming. There will not be any builds like +12.7% critical rating or similar things. You will choose augments with b...

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Aion – 5th Anniversary short video

Aion - 5th Anniversary short video. Let's watch a special thank you to the people who made this milestone possible.

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Hyrule Warriors – review

Hyrule Warriors - review. The game is made more welcoming for Zelda fans. Which could be only good because the fan base of Zelda is huge. Hyrule Warriors is focused on objectives which is in line with the experience got from Zelda. It is crucial to c...

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Destiny: sales reach $325 million worldwide

Destiny: sales reach $325 million worldwide. We have informed that the sales were worth of $500 million. But that was including sales to the shops. What are the real numbers? Activision said that it is $325 million to the final customers. Still, big ...

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Star Trek Online – Delta Rising expansion

Star Trek Online - Delta Rising expansion is almost here. New expansion will be released on October 14th. What's in it? Level cap increased from 50 to 60. This change took some time to firugre out how to implement Mark XIV gear into the game plu...

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Bloodborne – Alpha invites coming

Bloodborne - Alpha invites are coming. In these moments selected fans are receiving long anticipated emails. What's in them? "Your skill and dedication have been recognized, you have been selected for a chance to join the exclusive Bloodbor...

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Elite: Dangerous – Exploration

Elite: Dangerous - Exploration experience. Mike Foster from Massively is testing the current beta build and exploration was his last job. How was it? As we have informed exploration in Elite should be a profitable carreer whic you could choose. But r...

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Kingdome Come: Deliverance – nominated

Kingdome Come: Deliverance - nominated for the price of Czech internet. Price of the Czech internet: Nominated: Project – Kingdom Come: Deliverance Person of the Year – Daniel Vávra Do we have to say more??? These facts are another...

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Albion Online – Steam Greenlight

Albion Online - Steam Greenlight. You can vote now! If you want to support this game and make it downloadable through Steam then there is nothig easier than Vote for Albion online on Steam Greenlight.  I think that right now all of you know what...

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The Evil Within – TGS trailer

The Evil Within - TGS trailer. Are you ready to be scared? Goooood. You're gonna be! Let's check the video.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – 2 videos

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 2 videos. IGN shows 2 videos. If you want to see some more action from this upcoming shooter then watch them: First: Tug of War meets Call of Duty in "Momentum," a game mode Advanced Warfare brought back fro...

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TESO: New patch v1.4.3

TESO: New patch v1.4.3. Major content update. It seems that there is really quite a big content update. What is in it? New upper region of Craglorn to explore. New Trial – Sanctum Ophidia. Dragonstar Arena – 10 stages of monsters to defea...

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Unsouled Early Access Preview: Soulless Precision

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