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Star Citizen – Freelancers review

Star Citizen - Freelancers review (MIS, MAX, DUR). If you would like to fly in a freelancer there are several options which you can choose from. And buy them before the game launches. In this video you can check all of them and decide what is the bes...

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Star Citizen – new patch 13.01

Star Citizen - new patch 13.01 There was deployed a new patch correcting several errors with the Arena Commander V0.9 rollout. Eg. missing checkpoint in the race and others. But private servers are taken offline for now to address matchmaking issue. ...

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Elite: Dangerous – Pricing and pre-order details

Elite: Dangerous - Pricing and pre-order details. Frontier Development plc yesterday announced pricing details for the release version.  Final version will be available for €49.99 (£39.99 or $59.99). BUT if you want to buy it cheaper,...

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Star Citizen – Arena Commander v0.9 is out

Star Citizen - Arena Commander v0.9 is out. Coop and Racing! The patch has about 15 GB and the download speed is not perfect. So be ready to patch the game for few hours at least. But then what you will get? Racing You can try to win Murray Cup again...

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Destiny – new content is coming

Destiny - new content is coming. More content is on the way. Bungie has some surprises in its pockets and very soon strange characters will arrive in the Tower with special offerings in hand.  Also Public Events will erupt from the skies over yo...

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Elite: Dangerous – profitable even now?

Elite: Dangerous - profitable even now? Elite: Dangerous raised £1.58m on Kiskcstarter but by the words of David Braben – the man in charge – "it's grown by quite a lot". It is not as much as Star Citizen has got but ...

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Mortal Online – player build cities

Mortal Online - player build cities, sieges and more in the Patch Notes v1.81.00.00. New patch notes shows that MO added many features for owning and managing your territory. That is the most important information but there is a lot more. UI changes,...

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Destiny – exploits already ingame

Destiny - exploits already ingame with endless ammo. You can have endless ammo and kill others without need to reload. It didn't take so long for hacker to make these illegal "addons". Unfortunately.

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Th Secret World – new set of side missions

The Secret World - new set of side missions. Do you own the Issue #9? If you do then you can enjoy new side missions. You will meet rockabilly gangs, electronic securities and a Flappy nest. Of course your supernatural powers will help you to solve a...

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WoW – anniversary plans

WoW - anniversary plans and Draenor raid delay. From the WoW's dev blog is clear that the festivities will begin on November 21st until January 6th. There will be again new present for all (re)subscribers in the form of Molten Corgi minipet. If ...

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Life is Feudal – hits Steam early access

Life is Feudal - hits Steam early access next week. If you are a backer then you can play the game from next week. It will be unlocked on Steam On September 19th. And if you are not a backer you can still pay and get in the game too. It is another ga...

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Dying Light – release date annouced

Dying Light - release date annouced. Yes, it is official! Dying Light should be released on January 27th. So you aren't going to wait for long and the hunt on zombies and later during the night on you can begin in few months! 🙂 The title is comi...

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Destiny – Gold loot chest locations

Destiny - Gold loot chest locations IGN has wrote a great guide for Destiny players where to find all gold loot chests. Together with pictures and videos. So if you have any problems getting some loot go to the link below.

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Pathfinder Online – further delays

Pathfinder Online - further delays early enrollment. Will the early enrollment period begin really on September 25th? The devs are making adjustments on the way and this is their second delay. However they say that it is only because of a larger init...

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Star Citizen – CON 2014 DETAILS

Star Citizen - some short info about Citizen Con 2014. The Con takes place in Los Angeles on October 10th. You will be able to see livestream with Chris Roberts. Tickets for sale: You can still get ticket from the pledge store. There are just 300 of ...

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Wakfu – Steam Closed (Open?) beta

Wakfu - Steam Closed (Open?) beta. Plus keys giveaway. Wakfu has official Steam launch and you can get free beta keys. And what's more the devs has said that there will be no wipe after the end of closed beta so it's practically open beta! ...

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Ragnarok Online 2 – shutting down

Ragnarok Online 2 shutting down in Southeast Asia Ragnarok Online was a great success but the successor not so much. Ragnarok Online 2 is closing its servers in Singapore and Malaysia on October 9.

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Styx: Master of Shadows – stealthy trailer

Styx: Master of Shadows - stealthy trailer with your clone. Pixel Enemy has released a new trailer showing your stealthy movements and how you can use your clon. And we can say that it gives you another way of killing enemies. See for yourselves!

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Endless Legend: exits early access on Sep 18

Endless Legend exits Steam Early Access on September 18. Iceberg Interactive announced that on September 18 the game will launch in full on Steam. The price is now 10% off at $31.49 but only during its beta phase.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity: 11 Minutes gameplay

Assassin's Creed Unity: 11 Minutes gameplay Co-op Ubisoft has released 11 minutes of gamplay from a co-op misison. You can see the nature of the new co-op gameplay that you will experience in Unity.

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Batman: Arkham Knight – release date is June 2nd 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight - release date is June 2015 with 2 limited editions. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced that Batman: Arkham Knight will launch for Xbox One, PS 4, and PC on June 2, 2015. The game should have been released th...

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League of Legends: New game mode!

League of Legends: New game mode! Ascension matches are coming! LoL's new trailer was released today alongside with some gameplay details. Players will be fighting against Ancient Xerath in the middle of the map. Player who will take him down wi...

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Destiny – Most successful launch ever?

Destiny - Most successful new video game launch ever? #destiny Activision has revealed information that it sold more than $500 million of Destiny on Day One. Just be careful with the word "sold" because it means copies of the game sent to s...

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The Repopulation – new alpha teaser video

The Repopulation - new alpha teaser video showing more sandbox. Developers are showing us in this 2 minutes trailer new locations, combat with dual-wielding swords, system how you will be building and decorating your house, some pet taming and dancin...

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Strife – Open beta is here

Strife - Open beta is here, let's try this new MOBA! #Strife Maybe you haven't heard about it but new MOBA is on the market and in open beta. So gather your friends from LoL and DOTA2 and try this new friendly game. At least the devs say that th...

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FIFA 15 – playable demo available

FIFA 15 - playable demo for Xbox One is available, For PS tomorrow Demo for Xbox One is already out but you don't have to wait too long for Playstation version. This is the official tweet:

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Destiny – 10 hours to go!

Destiny is hammering us! So check the Live Action Trailer. Wonderfully made trailer in our Solar System and what it takes to become a true legend. See for yourself!

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – let’s make $2 million!!!

Kingdom Come Deliverance - let's make $2 million and support the game! It is very close now! Check this up! Do you want to have better actors for voiceovers and performance? So support the game, there is just few bucks missing! And the best would be ...

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Destiny – Update 1.0.1 – Patch Notes

Destiny - It seems strange but yeah, Update 1.0.1 for #Destiny is here. Sales for many countries is just coming. Some of the fans are already playing. Some are nervously jumping in front of the shops. But Bungie is not waiting for anything. First pat...

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The Sims 4: Bestsellers in Great Britain

New to the series, the Sims display a range of emotions which influence your variety of decisions in the game. New to the series, the Sims display a range of emotions which influence your variety of decisions in the game. Emotions give you new choice...

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Destiny: Is it a $500 million game (gamble)?

Destiny: Is it a $500 million game (gamble)? Opinion from Polygon. Ben Kuchera is trying to find out some hard data behind the probably insane costs of Destiny. And one must agree that there are quite interesting facts that put the $500 amount more r...

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Age of Conan: Game Director Letter

Age of Conan: Game Director Letter - August 2014. What new stuff is coming? There are going to be big changes in the raids. All of the Unchained Raids are on Testlive for testing. It means a return to the first raids at the very beginning of AoC R...

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Phantasy Star Online 2: EU and NA is not forgotten

Phantasy Star Online 2: EU and NA is not forgotten. At least that is what Sega says. Sega said that the release for EU and NA fans was not forgotten but only delayed. Players of Phantasy Star Online 2 in Asia can enjoy it since July 2012 and that is ...

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Darkfall UW: Free to play for 1 day

Darkfall UW: Free to play for 1 day. All accounts will be reactivated. All Darkfall accounts will be activated to give our veterans the opportunity to use their in-game resources to get the D.U.E.L. for 30 days of free game-time. But only from Thursd...

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Destiny – do you want to look cool in real?

Destiny - check the cos knife and pistols for #Destiny. They look amazing. Check these fancy looking pistols. They are 3D printed, comes in 10 parts and cost $195. You will still need to sand them, paint them and enjoy all the fun making them to your...

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Star Citizen – 10 for the chairman ep. 36

Star Citizen - 10 for the chairman ep. 36. List of 10 new questions for Chris. What is Chris answering in the new epizode? Interesting questions were prepared as usually. 1. Can data stored on your ship's computer be lost due to object destructi...

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Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Assassin Hunter Gameplay Trailer

Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Assassin Hunter Gameplay Trailer. Watch new gameplay trailer of AC: Rogue. The graphics and movement of the main character is still absolutely perfect :-). In Assassin’s Creed Rogue Shay follows his own creed and turns f...

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Zendikar Rising First Impressions

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Magic: The Gathering's new set: Zendikar Rising, has recently hit Magic: The Gathering Arena. Plagued with server instabilities and even suspected bugs, players have voiced their d...

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