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Raccoo Venture Preview: Collecting the Past

Let's greet the newest platformer mascot for the current generation! Inspired by retro collect-a-thons of old, Raccoo Venture hopes to put a footprint on the genre for those wishin...

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Ubie Ninja Giveaway Cover

Ubie Ninja – 5 dual-headed USB flash drives giveaway

We have an uncommon giveaway. Thanks to USB Memory Direct, we're giving away 5 branded flash drives. Please notice that the giveaway is for US residents only. Win a dual-headed fla...

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PowerBeatsVR – 10 Steam VR Keys Giveaway

Move, squat, sidestep and leap around obstacles in ways you haven’t done before. We're giving away 10 Steam VR keys for a new rhythm-based fitness VR game. More details below. Expe...

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Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is a coffee brewing and heart-to-heart talking simulator about listening to fantasy-inspired modern peoples’ problems, and helping them by serving up a warm drink or two.


Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure inspired by Pokemon. Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem, battle other tamers, customize your house, join a friend's adventure or explore the dynamic online world.

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