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  • It’s been quite some time since avid vault hunters have had a chance to explore the turbulent world of Pandora. Well, those with a hunger for loot need not wait much longer as Borderlands 3 releases September […]

  • I spend much of my time playing, writing & reading about video games, but inevitably, some games just slip by; BlackSad: Under The Skin may have ended up being one of those games. Thankfully, this will not be […]

  • Agent 47 will be packing his flip-flops along with his silverballer pistol in Hitman 2’s September roadmap. The roadmap, titled “Fierce rivalry,” introduces us to a new location called Haven island, a tro […]

  • Spider’s latest RPG, GreedFall, releases September 10th & looks set to be every bit the swashbuckling adventure it promises to be. Being an RPG, it’s naturally filled to the brim with people to meet, quests t […]

  • A Grand Theft Auto game lives & dies on its mission structure. Each GTA features tons of missions that further the story, expand the world & reveal new opportunities for your morally bankrupt protagonist to […]

  • Konami, the Japanese publisher best known for the Metal Gear Solid series, has revealed their plans to work on more globally recognised console IP’s in the future. 
    During an interview with Ga […]

  • In one of the sadder moments of 2018, Telltale, the developers behind The Walking Dead & The Wolf Among Us, shut its doors. This left the fourth season of their seminal franchise unfinished & many developers […]

  • CD Projekt Red has made it clear that they want Cyberpunk 2077 to be as inclusive as possible; This was generally assumed to mean that players would be able to select from several gender options for their […]

    • No one cares about this why can’t I just play as a male character? most people who play video games are Male adding this is shit is just not needed and I don’t think the people who are complaining about “Gender” weren’t going to buy the game in the first place. so pandering to these people are giving me a reason to not support CD Project I play games just to have fun…not for this shit.

    • if you ask me these are just a bunch of Freaks who stay on Twitter all-day complaining about anything

    • I don’t get why you are all upset over this, maybe I’m missing something?
      You will still be able to play as full Male/Female if you wish, and at the same time the option is there for those who don’t want to do that to customize further to get the character that they want – and that’s just the players that absolutely have to have an in-game character that matches their gender identity. What about the players that don’t care about that, but want to get in the tone of the future CDPR is painting before us, a future where personal identity more and more is detached from our physical bodies appearance so they don’t matter as much (as they do to us today)? Those players now get a much better tool to create the character they want too. And you complain? Am I missing something here?

    • You can literally still play as male or female. No idea how on Earth this fact has been lost on the small minded people. It’s hardly brain surgery.

      You have the option of a male or female voice. If you pick male voice, you are a male. A female voice, and you are female. There are no other options. No gender fluid. No transgender. Nothing. The game doesn’t acknowledge what the character’s body is like, only what their gender is – and THERE ARE STILL ONLY 2 GENDERS in CYBPERPUNK 2077, YOU CHOOSE THEM BY SELECTING WHICH VOICE YOU WANT. Relax, your fragile masculinity is safe.

      Saints Row the Third did the same thing, and i’m sure you survived that. Doesn’t matter what body you pick, the game only recognises TWO F***ING GENDERS. MALE, AND… whats the other one? OH YES, FEMALE. You pick the male voice? You get called a man, you get called He, you get to have sex with the straight ladies. You are literally complaining because the game isn’t patting you on the back and saying “YOU’RE A MAN, YOU MANLY MAN, YOU.” Again…. fragile masculinity or what?

      Let me put it this way, snowflake. You know how, in Pokemon games, they always ask “are you a boy, or are you a girl?” and depending on what option you pick, you automatically get given a male/female sprite?
      Well, lets imagine that after they ask that, they instead gave you the option of selecting between the different sprites, including the opposite sex sprites. Now, I don’t think you would be complaining about it, because it would be a stupid, first world problem stemming from your overly sensitive masculinity – and one that has no affect on gameplay, only on the ability to customise your character. I mean, imagine if you were to complain about something like that, people would think you were a pratt. A whiny pratt. With limited intelligence.

      Oh. wait, Cyberpunk is doing exactly that, and you ARE complaining about it. Huh.

      And i thought SJWs were whiny idiots.

  • As the credits rolled on Wolfenstein: Youngblood, I began to reflect on the game; its positives & negatives. The overall package was enjoyable and being reunited with characters you’ve come to like, plus the i […]

  • Ubisoft has stated its belief that investing in new genres & IP’s is the right move going forward. Speaking to MCVUK, at Gamescom, Ubisoft EMEA executive director, Alain Corre, discussed the publisher’s i […]

  • Gamers are already aware that we’re on the cusp of the next generational leap in console hardware, but the major platforms have remained tight-lipped on their next-gen offerings apart from a short t […]

  • In a move that’s bound to delight & excite PS4 owners around the globe, Sony has acquired Insomniac Games, the studio behind 2018’s outstanding exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man. This news comes just hours a […]

  • In yet another blow to the EA owned studio, Fernando Melo has left BioWare. He was lead producer on the team developing the fourth instalment in the Dragon Age series. This makes the second high profile loss […]

  • Gamescom is days away and the hype is starting to build. The yearly celebration of gaming has quickly become the biggest in Europe, with an estimated 370,000 gamers attending in 2018.  All the major platforms […]

  • The subject of alien invasion isn’t a new one when it comes to video games. Whether it be the unmitigated disaster that was ET: The Extra Terrestrial or the sublime horror of Alien: Isolation, stories of “ […]

  • THQ Nordic has revealed details about the two special editions available for the remake of Destroy All Humans and one of them just might make your wallet squeal in terror.
    The cheapest of the two special […]

  • Earlier this year it was reported that veteran Call of Duty developer Treyarch would take over development of the next instalment of the FPS franchise, believed to be Black Ops 5. However, if rumours are to be […]

  • In a welcome change to the norm, Borderlands 3 will offer two distinct graphical performance options for PS4 Pro owners. Speaking to the Playstation blog, Scott Velasquez, the online & social product owner for […]

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic journey that can easily take upwards of 90 hours to complete. To make thing a little easier for those who have decided to take the long journey towards gaining the full […]

  • Take Two has just revealed their highest first quarter profits to date, thanks to an increase in consumer spending through microtransactions. T2 is the parent company of both Rockstar Games & 2K Games, which […]

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