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I am a video game critic for KeenGamer. My goal is to work in favor of both consumers and developers. I wish to inform the former, while helping the latter to understand the positives and negatives of the experiences they provide. I see game criticism as a way of collaborating with developers to make the industry better. With this philosophy, I have received positive comments:“Ken [Levine] was very excited to read your chapter, and he loved it.” – Lizzie Keegan, Ken Levine’s Assistant at Ghost Story Games (formerly Irrational Games)“A very thoughtful review of ‘The Spectrum Retreat’ by Caio Sampaio […] thanks for the positive approach and the overall positive review.” – Giles Armstrong, Senior Writer at Guerrilla Studios“Talk about detailed and thoughtful constructive criticism!” – Amelia Tyler, Star Wars Battlefront II voice actress

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