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  • Let’s just outright say it, World of Warcraft has dominated the MMORPG scene for over 15 years. It popularized the genre and every single MMO to proceed it tried to emulate the multiplayer space it masterfully […]

    • Hm, that’s strange, whenever people bring up all the code and server issues with the game, people always bring up “Oh, it’s because of 1.0”. I was able to confirm they held a couple things back because of 1.0, like allowing for compatibility with 1.0 items, but otherwise I’m finding a lack of confirmation of what people say.

      If you’re right that they’re not held back by 1.0’s code, then their code is unbelievably amateurish. The gigantic latency that makes PVP awful, being unable to add inventory spaces because of “server limitations” is a joke(What sort of garbage database design is that?), the buggy ways things like Ten Chi Jin and pets work, the fact that the US servers are split into various groups that cant play with each other(and same for EU) as if it is a 2004 MMO, etc etc etc. Absolutely ridiculous and anachronistic. I had thought it was just because of legacy code from 1.0, but if that isn’t the case then it is sheer incompetence.

      Speaking of incompetence- You apparently didn’t even read what I said. There’s a difference between “This has a lot of good content” and “This has a lot of throwaway content that either bores you to death, or you wouldnt do for more than 5 minutes.”

      As I already pointed out, things like dungeons in FFXIV are a shallow afterthought. They have lots of graphical work wasted on them, but then you just autopilot them and fall asleep except for one boss every now and then.

      You mention golden saucer, game holidays, etc but most of that is either boring or extremely limited, and they dont do them better than other MMOs anyway.

      The crafting is solid, yes, but like I said: You want to play your class? You know, the thing *the bulk of the game is designed around?* Here’s 5-6 relevant raid/trial bosses. That’s it! Everything else in the game is a vapid pushover. (Although, they could solve that very quickly if they were more aggressive about ilvl scaling, achieving more of an evergreen content design like ESO/GW2- I would instantly resubscribe if they did that, because at least then i would have a lot of raid bosses I could enjoy playing.)

      “You wanna talk about a company that actually LISTENS to their players. That is SquareEnix. ”
      lol, yeah. Listened to their players and gave them the joke that is Blue Mage. Listened to their players and when healers complained about spending 70% of their GCDs spamming generic damage spells like Broil because there was no healing to do, they made their DPS rotations even more boring. (Not to mention- which scholar players asked for HW scholar to be gutted and turned from a fun dot juggling mage into boredom like everyone else?) Listened to their players and ruined HW Dark Knight, and then when asked for a rework said they couldn’t do it mid expansion because a big overhaul would be too much work, and then once the next expansion came the rework was very simple, disappointing, and easy to implement. Listened to their players by splitting up their statics. Listened to their players by giving them Diadem again in the form of Eureka, content that makes you wonder “Have they ever played a single game with fun open world combat?” Listened to their players with gender-locked races as if this is 1.0. The list goes on.

      Sorry, but square enix is not some magical company that listens to their plays so much more than everyone else and cares so much more. That’s just PR propaganda uncritically swallowed.

      “WoW is stagnant and A/B has lost touch with what made the game fun originally. They moved from the RPG roots of MMORPGS and decided to cash in on the E-Sport world. ”
      It is true that they’ve moved from being a game about heavy roleplaying to a game that is about a variety of enjoyable combat. Also, it has been that way for many years, and FFXIV is no different. Blaming it on chasing “esports” is also a very random grab- that’s obviously not what they’re doing, they’re focusing on people who want quick gameplay, not on esports players or roleplayers. Been like that for several expansions. Also, FFXIV is even more “sit around in cities and feel like a lobby game than an RPG” than wow is, once you catch up on story. Going out into the world is a bad, boring idea.

      “Also, pretty apparent you NEVER played FFXIV or didn’t get past lvl 15.”
      I have scholar/summoner, black mage, bard, and paladin at max level. Played lots of Stormblood and played the end of Heavensward. Started playing Scholar for a unique healing experience in HW, ended up liking summoner’s extreme flexibility in SB and found black mage’s “simple to learn, hard to master” style that is extremely fight sensitive to be extremely good, got turned off by SHB’s gutting of summoner by making it into a rigid, boring mess. Maybe accept the fact that i’ve been playing longer than you and I’m not happy with the game, instead of trying to dismiss my opinion as inexperience when you’re the one who has some early praise-filled idea of FFXIV dungeons that will inevitably fall as reality sets in.

      “Oh and BTW the hard modes for dungeons are actually different in their path and mobs. So you’re not just doing the same route over and over again. Unlike, M+ in Wow where the only thing Blizz can think of doing is adding different affixes that aren’t fun, just annoying AF.”

      Seriously, how much have you played FFXIV? Nobody talks about hard mode dungeons being separate “routes”, nor do they brag about supposed “Hard” mode dungeons – hard mode dungeons in FFXIV are basically just the same as any other dungeon. They’re never really the same as what they’re the hard mode of in any meaningful way, but they’re still just a single, linear path with a bunch of mobs you mindlessly spam AOE on, with largely boring bosses, etc. It is a new set of paint over the same shallow dungeon content they’ve been putting out for years.

      Oh boy, I can take a “different path” in a “hard mode dungeon” that isnt actually hard. I cant wait to fight generic mobs that have no significant abilities, and fight faceroll bosses that do nothing to me(90% of the time, anyway- the last bosses of The Burn and Fractal Continuum(Hard) stand out a bit, and The Vault bosses can be hard to heal, but those are extremely rare exceptions and they certainly don’t make up for the rest of those dungeons). I can’t wait to spam more broil and be bored out of my mind! Oh boy, what fun content!

      It is also ironic that you’d bring up “actually different” in terms of path and mobs- Tell me, which of the four big MMOs is the one where you never use crowd control and other miscellaneous utility in dungeons? Which one is the one where mobs dont do anything special besides a simple AOE occasionally, and you just do your AOE rotation and fall asleep mindlessly? Which is the one with the blandest dungeon combat that nobody writes home about? Oh, that’s right, FFXIV!

      PS, M+ has been a great success ever since they added it. Meanwhile, when was the last time FFXIV added something *major*? You accuse WoW of being stagnant- but when was the last time FFXIV added something actually substantial besides “Just log on and do your raids and log off” that max level players actually want to regularly do with their classes? Not doing that could be fine, but when you have a little as FFXIV does, it is a big problem. 3 expansions in a row where dungeons are vapid, open world content is a bland joke, PVP is a joke due to shitty servers- the only thing people even do with their classes is 5 raids at a time(since gear makes everything else boring as hell), and maybe Deep Dungeon if they’re not sick of its sameness yet.

      5 expansions of the exact same cycle- new patch, beat 4 new raid bosses and later 1 new trial boss, having nothing else to do with your class, log out. New patch, beat 4 new raid bosses, and later 1 new trial boss, have nothing else to do with your class, log out. At least GW2/WoW/ESO have some decent success with things like new challenging ways to play dungeons, decent PVP, decent open world combat, things like Brawler’s Guild and Queen’s Gauntlet, etc etc- meanwhile, FFXIV is ossified as hell.

      And let’s not forget- FFXIV has had only 3 healers since Heavensward, and 2 of them have very similar healing toolkits – even GW2 has more healers than that, and it started with 0 and came out at near the same time as ARR! Every other major MMO has way more! FFXIV tanks are all samey as hell. FFXIV healers still spend 70% of their GCDs mashing Broil or Glare or Malefic. And fights are becoming increasingly samey feeling because there is so little design space in the game. Tell me – which of the four big MMOs is the stagnant one again?

      Again, FFXIV does have amazing story and fantastic presentation. I am really attached to my femroe and I have many fond memories of the game. But the ridiculous exaggeration of how good the game is and the dismissal of its weaknesses is bad for the game’s longterm improvement.

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