What we know about the PS5 so far

PS5 is on the way! Some predicted this would happen in 2019 and the fact that the news has come a year early might have sceptics concerned but like it or not, Its happening!

Yes, many may say it’s too soon but whether your wallet is ready for another beating or not, it’s happening. Earlier this year, Sony sent out PS5 dev kits to Selected developers.This doesn’t mean that the PS5 will come out this year however, we probably have about another 2 years to wait! But does this mean that we will see a teaser this E3? Who knows!

One thing is for sure though. In the the next year or so we will see devs push the PS4/PRO to its absolute limits! Recently, insiders claimed that the 1st big next gen game might be in the works right now, but will 1st be released on the PS4/PRO and Xbox One.

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