Logitech Wins The Day At iF Awards Ceremony

Yesterday it was confirmed that Logitech broke its own company records by dominating at this year’s iF Awards. The yearly ceremony is a recognised event for hardware design manufacturers around the world and the award is a guaranteed seal of approval of the highest calibre. "An iF DESIGN AWARD is a seal of excellence, a testimony of quality, and a challenge to the competition. For users, it is a symbol of trust."

2018 marked the eighth consecutive year for Germany’s iF Design Awards ceremony but it was the biggest year for Logitech. Previously, Logitech’s take home of nine awards for design excellence would have been impressive, but this year a whopping sixteen of their products bagged the prestigious award in recognition of their excellence. Logitech’s in-house creative strategy and content production teams and partners were also recognised for achievement in communication design.

Each of the winning items speak to a sleek design that ensures dependability and technical sophistication. The thirteen of their winning products are:

“Design is at the center of everything we do to bring remarkable experiences to our customers,” said Alastair Curtis, chief design officer at Logitech. “We’re honoured to be consistently recognised by organizations such as iF for product design and innovation. This year, we’re honoured to be recognised by iF in the communication design category for the first time,” said Heidi Arkinstall, chief marketing officer at Logitech. “We strive to create holistic experiences from product through to marketing to connect people with our brands, and we’re excited that iF recognises the impact of that design.”

Logitech Wins The Day At iF Awards Ceremony - G413 Gaming Keyboard
The further three awards given to Logitech were under the category of communication design in film, video and campaigns. You can check them out below:

For those who may not be aware, winning this many iF Design Awards is a big deal for Logitech. The judging process is no joke as each awards is only given after being judged by sixty experts from over twenty countries. Since its founding in 1981, Logitech has gone on to champion several recognised brands such as. Ultimate Ears, JaybirdLogitech G and ASTRO Gaming. Taking home a big win from this year’s iF Design Awards, Logitech will doubtlessly press on as one of the biggest and most dependable tech hardware brands available not just to gamers but the wider market as a whole.

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