Are Roadmaps and Season Passes Just Empty Promises? – Keen Cast Ep. 11

In Keen Cast's eleventh episode, Sean, Tim, and David try to figure out whether roadmaps and season passes are just empty promises or beneficial for developers and consumers in the long run. Among others, it also includes topics such as Rockstar Games, Shantae, and the new Farfetch'd evolution.

Welcome to Keen Cast, KeenGamer’s official podcast! Join Sean Rehbein, Tim Ronan, and David Lozada as they talk about the week’s hottest news stories and dissect the latest controversy shaking up the video game industry. In our eleventh episode, we determine whether or not roadmaps and season passes are just empty promises that developers and publishers make to attract attention.

We also talk about Pokemon Sword‘s newly announced Sirfetch’d, the controversial Rockstar Games Launcher, Shantae and the Seven Sirens on Apple Arcade, and a French organization’s legal action against Valve’s digital resale policies. Check out links and timestamps to all of our topics below:

News Stories:

  1. Farfetch’d gets a new evolution – Sirfetch’d – exclusively for Pokemon Sword (00:26:57)
  2. Rockstar Games announces the Rockstar Games Launcher (00:39:36)
  3. Out of nowhere, the first part of Shantae and the Seven Sirens releases on Apple Arcade (00:56:29)
  4. France says Steam must allow the resale of digital games by consumers (01:06:12)

Topic of the Show:

What do we think of post-launch loot boxes? (01:24:16)

Bioware and EA abandon Anthem‘s roadmap

Nail in the Coffin – Our official consensus – 01:45:07

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