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Life is Feudal – buy and get also the MMO version?

Life is Feudal - buy the current version and get the MMO later?! If you take a look at Steam page then you can see under "About game" that there is newly written something very interesting! ...

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Life is Feudal – preview of Your Own version

Life is Feudal - preview of Your Own version. There are many players who are right now struggling in this new hardcore sandbox fantasy game. How do they feel? What is their opinio? Here is one of the ...

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ArcheAge – better services, more servers

ArcheAge - more capacity, bonuses and faster service. New update has been released today and there are many important news. 1. Server capacity There are 3 new worlds in NA. New servers for EU are on t...

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 – gameplay footage

Resident Evil Revelations 2 - 18 minutes of gameplay footage. You can watch 18 minutes of playing Resident Evil Revelastions 2. The quality is not very good and you must get over some comments in a st...

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Albion Online – has just been greenlit

Albion Online - has just been greenlit. Congratulations! Yes, it's true. Only after five days Albion Online has got green and will be released also on Steam. Hurray!

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Sunset Overdrive – funny live action movie :-)

Sunset Overdrive - funny live action movie / trailer. Do you think that the game will be fun? Then you should watch the movie :-).

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ArcheAge – interview with Trion

ArcheAge - interview with Scott Hartsman about the current status. Scott Hartsman from Trion was interviewed by Massively. What did he say? How is the launch doing? How will they remove queues? First ...

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