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Evolve – Xbox One Gameplay Reveal

Evolve - Xbox One Gameplay Reveal. IGN made a video of playing Evolve on Xbox One. How does it work? Is it user friendly? See for yourself.

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Elite: Dangerous – weapons overview

Elite: Dangerous - weapons overview. Beta 3 is going to be released later today but even the overview of weapons from Beta 2 can help many of the space commanders to orientate between all the types of...

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AD2460 – open beta live

AD2460 - open beta live. New web based science-fiction strategy opens its gates for newcomers. Open beta is live right now. AD2460 is the spiritual successor to Planetarion. When the game goes live it...


is a new free-to-download strategy game for mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android, set for release in 2015.

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is a WMMO (Web-based Massively Multiplayer Online) science fiction strategy game. Set in a distant future, the game revolves around a race for the resources of the universe.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity – TV spot trailer

Assassin’s Creed Unity - TV spot trailer. New trailer showing the real Unity. You are not alone. There are many assassins helping in the Revolution.

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Alien: Isolation – five DLC packs coming soon

Alien: Isolation - five DLC packs coming soon. Alien: Isolation will get five DLC packs starting October 28 with the first one and finishing with the last one in March 2015. There should be different ...

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