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Stormthrone: Aeos Rising

is a newest and most ambitious browser MMORPG yet. Game invites players from across the world to discover the ancient world of Aeos, a world besieged by demons and defended by a new generation of hero...

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This War of Mine

is a dark survival game where the player controls a team of civilians in a besieged city, developed by 11 bit studios. In war, not everyone is a soldier.

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The Crew – customisation trailer

The Crew - customisation trailer. How will you customise your car? Good questions and be assured that there will be MANY ways for all the players to be original.

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Scrolls – will be released next month

Scrolls - will be released next month. Finally Mojang's Owen Hill told that the game will be fully released next month and his guess is late November. It also just mean that the game will get out...

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Star Citizen – hits $59 Million

Star Citizen - hits $59 Million. What are we getting with this fulfilled goal? Nothing more than: Anvil Aerospace Crucible  A so-called “flying toolbox,” the Crucible is the ship you ...

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League of Legends – ultimate exploit is no more

League of Legends - ultimate exploit is no more. In League of Legends was possible to use your ultimate ability even at level 1 thanks to the 3rd party program. Fortunately that is no more available a...

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Bloodborne – 30fps is intentional

Bloodborne - 30fps is intentional. PlayStationLifeStyle asked the Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa about the fps limit and he answered them that 30fps was found by the studio as the best choice for action ga...

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