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Do you wish to publish your great post on KeenGamer? It is possible but you must follow several rules.

  1. We accept only posts which we would accept from our own writers. You must meet all the criteria for the content and quality as our own staff.
  2. We do not accept any casino, porn or betting related articles and backlinks to such websites at all. No exceptions.
  3. We do not accept any posts where you wish to put some hyperlink which has no additional value for the readers and the content. For example eshop selling gaming chairs in a post about something else and without any other eshop links to make the post unbiased.
  4. If you wish to offer us some topics like Top games of 2019, Best gifts for Christmas or any other post which has tons and tons of similar articles around the web, you can close our page. We will not accept it.
  5. All the posts must be closely video games related, perfectly written and at least 1.000 words long.
  6. Content must be detailed and unique, not used anywhere else.
  7. We can refuse your posts and KeenGamer holds the rights to your posts (to change it, delete it or do whatever we decide).
  8. Publishing the guest post is free of charge if there is no needed work from our side. Otherwise you must pay for the time and work. Our employees are not working for free.
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