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Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma Review (PS4)

In Zero Time Dilemma, the player is tasked with helping nine victims survive a sick game of death, set up by the mysterious Zero. Set in an underground bunker called Dcom in the Nevada desert, our unw...

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Zero Time Dilemma Debut Trailer

With the Zero Escape: Nonary Games, which included the first two games, already released we are currently awaiting the third installment, Zero Time Dilemma which should be releasing on August 18th, 20...

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Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma Coming to PS4 Fall 2017

After being released in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita, Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma heads to North American PS4s this fall.  Last year, Spike Chunsoft and Aksys Games brought ...

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