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WildStar to cancel some factional restrictions

Carbine Studios, the developer behind WildStar, has decided to remove factional restrictions after the first official WildStar DevConnect. Carbine Studios, the developer behind WildStar, has decided t...

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WildStar – Datascape change

WildStar - Datascape change. WildStar is changing the Datascape raid from 40-player raid just to 20 players. Because according to the official post the number of people entering was far too low and th...

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WildStar – final review

WildStar - final review. Eurogamer wrote review of Wildstar. It took some time but on the other hand the author is able to evaluate all the features and facts of the game. Which he did. Richie Shoemak...

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WildStar – megaservers on Wednesday

WildStar - megaservers on Wednesday. On Wednesday new Megaservers should increase server capacity. The announced maintenance will last 12-24 hours and start at 5:00 AM Pacific Time. So be ready to pla...