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Wild Terra – Open Test and new content

The new patch for Wild Terra adds new monsters, building, new area Corrupted Lands, as well as some fixes. The patch also brings the Open Test phase. The Open Test for Wild Terra has begun, and the developers are encouraging players to take...

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Wild Terra – Free Open Test server and Black Friday news

Wild Terra has Free Open Test server for everyone! The Ostium PvP test server can be joined by everyone. Other Wild Terra news include insane Black Friday discounts. The newly created Free Open Test server, Ostium PvP, features 15 new comba...

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Wild Terra: Christmas event and large update

The developers of Wild Terra indie game tries to fans' interest and give the players Christmas event together with a big update. From December 23 to January 8, a special holiday event will be going in Wild Terra. There will be new content t...

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Wild Terra – summary of the year 2015

It's been exactly one year since the first alpha test of MMORPG Wild Terra. The game is in a completely different stage than before a year ago. Lots of bugs and problems are fixed. And that's all thanks to the great fans' support....

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Wild Terra review

Read my review for Wild Terra, a game in it's alpha stage focused around gathering, crafting, and building. Also be sure to check out my video review as well. Open world gathering/crafting/building games are getting more prominent all the ...

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