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Watch Dogs: Legion Announced by Ubisoft

Fans of Watch Dogs have reason to be hyped this coming year. Watch Dogs: Legion was announced during Ubisoft's E3 conference, and it looks to be a recruit-a-thon. While the time to wait will be long, ...

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Watch Dogs 2 Review (PS4)

Hack the world with a sequel that's bigger and better than it's predecessor, but is it enough to set it apart from the competition and satisfy your hunger for open world games? Find out below. INTRODU...

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Watch Dogs 2 free trial available on PS4

San Francisco is ripe for the hacking, and if you haven't yet delved into the city in Watch Dogs 2, now is the perfect time. Ubisoft have announced that a free trial for the critically acclaimed open ...

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Watch Dogs 2 seamless multiplayer has come online

The Watch Dogs 2 development team brought the first phase of seamless multiplayer online at 4pm for PlayStation 4. At 4pm today, seamless multiplayer came online for Watch Dogs 2 on PS4 and should als...

Ubisoft is removing Watch Dogs 2’s Naked NPCs (NSFW)

After quite the interesting reveal of fully-rendered genitalia being present in Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft have released a statement apologizing for the inclusion of visible genitals and have announced th...

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Watch Dogs 2 is out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Watch Dogs 2 now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Hacking is a super power in the ultimate open world of San Francisco. LONDON, UK – November 16th 2016 – Yesterday, Ubisoft&n...

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Possible New Ubisoft Game Found in Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft might be hinting at a new title set in space within the soon to be released sequel, complete with confidential watermarks and western movie music. Ubisoft might be hinting at a new title set i...

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New Watch Dogs 2 launch trailer now available

A launch trailer for Watch Dogs 2 is now available, and it looks awesome. With Watch Dogs 2 releasing November 15th, Ubisoft has released a new launch trailer to promote the game. The new trailer tell...

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Watch Dogs 2 DLC and season pass details revealed

The Zodiac Killer, T-Bone, co-op missions. All of this and more can be found in the newly announced Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass. It will also be sold as standalone DLC. Watch Dogs 2 has already announced...

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