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Total War: WARHAMMER Review

Franchises unite! Total War and Warhammer come together to form the ultimate fantasy real-time strategy experience that is sure to satisfy fans of both. Immerse yourself in a deep and fun experience a...

8.7 Great
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Total War: WARHAMMER – Wood Elves DLC on Linux

Enter the Realm of the Wood Elves. New DLC released for Total War: WARHAMMER on Linux. Feral Interactive announced today that the Realm of the Wood Elves DLC is now available for Total War: WARHAMMER&...

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Total War: Warhammer gets new battlemaps and wizards

Finally learning how to take a hint, Creative Assembly has promised 11 free maps and two new Legendary Lords to come alongside Update 5 of Total War: Warhammer. Now all of this is free for use in mult...

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Total War: Warhammer Wood Elves announced

The wait is over, as the Wood Elves have been announced earlier today for release! Residing in the foreboding and mysterious forest of Athel Loren, the Wood Elves are an enigmatic and isolationist rac...

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Creative Assembly announces Bretonnia content pack for 2017

It seems you'll be able to conquer the Old World in your Total War: Warhammer campaigns sooner than you think, as Creative Assembly has just revealed that the Bretonnia race-pack will be available by ...

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Total War: Warhammer Wood Elves teaser exposed

A few days ago Creative Assembly uploaded a series of small photos to their Instagram account. Which is not at all an unusual event, after game developers want to advertise their products. A few days ...

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New Total War: Warhammer campaign walkthrough released

After the official release of the The King and the Warlord DLC on October 20th, Creative Assembly has uploaded a video to their youtube channel giving a detailed walkthrough of how one would go about ...

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New Dwarf legendary lord in Total War:Warhammer

The White Dwarf is a Warhammer icon and one of the most well-known faces of the franchise, bearing the name of the magazine that every Warhammer fan knows and loves and now it seems you'll be able not...

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Total War: WARHAMMER comes to Mac and Linux this Autumn

The rules have changed! Feral Interactive today announced it is bringing Total War: WARHAMMER to Mac and Linux this Autumn. "This is the stuff of dreams," said David Stephen Managing Director of Feral...

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