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sega announces new DLC chapter for total war: three kingdoms

Sega Announces New DLC For Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdom's next DLC chapter, Mandate of Heaven, will act as a prequel to the main game's campaign. Experience the might of the Han dynasty, as they consolidate their rule over all of C...

Creative Assembly announces new collectable card game

Creative Assembly Announces New Total War Collectible Card Game

Creative Assembly has joined forces with Chinese services company NetEase, to bring a brand new collectible card game to the Chinese market, based on their Total War series. The CCG is just one of sev...

Creative Assembly embroiled in SJW debate with YouTuber

Creative Assembly Embroiled In SJW Controversy With YouTuber

A YouTuber has criticised the Total War developer for seemingly removing mods that sexualise women. The situation was worsened by the community manager insulting the YouTuber during a recent livestrea...

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Eight Princes Chapter Pack Coming to Total War: Three Kingdoms

The first chapter pack for Total War: The Three Kingdom has been announced. The Eight Princes is a standalone campaign that takes place a generation after the main games conclusion. Return to China an...

Total War: Three Kingdoms – Beginner’s Guide to Picking a Starting Faction

Did you recently pick up Total War: Three Kingdoms but have no idea where to begin? We don't blame you, Total War: Three Kingdoms is a complex game that is easy to play but hard to master. This guide ...

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