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The Division is free-to-play this weekend on all platforms!

Massive Entertainment’s online RPG shooter is free-to-play this weekend. Gear up and fight to save New York with friends! Tom Clancy’s The Division is free-to-play this weekend. The game is avai...

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Tom Clancy’s The Division free weekend

Tom Clancy's The Division is having a free weekend starting May 4th 2017 allowing everyone to jump in and experience the full game. Ubisoft have announced a free weekend for Tom Clancy's The ...

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Tom Clancy’s The Division gets two free expansions

Ubisoft unusually decided to reward and show its appreciation to its fans by giving The Division's players two new free expansions that are very promising and exciting. Ubisoft's creative director...

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The Division – Last Stand and Update 1.6 details revealed

Tom Clancy’s The Division expansion III: Last Stand and Update 1.6 details revealed. Join Division agents in stopping rogues from capturing important tactical information from the Dark Zone. LONDON, ...

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The Division Survival DLC drops tomorrow!

The streets of New York just got darker and colder as the Survival DLC descends onto the post-apocalyptic world of The Division tomorrow. Available on PC and Xbox as of 22/11/2016 and PS4 at a slightl...

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Ubisoft shows off The Division’s Survival Mode

The Division really was a hyped up game and, after an average launch and a slow fade into the unfortunately realms of forgetfulness, it appears that Ubisoft has decided to add something that could rea...

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Patch notes for The Division’s Patch 1.4

Ubisoft has pretty big list of changes for The Division included in its patch 1.4. Here is the full list of changes that the patch brings with itself. Ubisoft just released the latest patch, upda...

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The Division Underground DLC causing more issues

The new Division DLC is causing more issues for gamers and is adding to the ongoing list of technical problems with the game since it's launch. The Division Underground DLC is out and has had many rep...

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Ubisoft will go hard on cheaters in The Division

Previously, those violating the game's EULA would find themselves suspended for a 14-day period. That's no longer the case as Ubisoft Massive has finally decided to implement severe measures when figh...

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