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TinyWars – new prototype drastically changes the game

The TinyWars gameplay prototype has received its final update, bringing about updated visuals, difficulty and a special re-launch trailer to mark the same. Enhanced character attack, upgrade and particle effects serve to graphically improve...

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TinyWars prototype released for Windows and Android

TinyWars Gameplay Prototype Now Available For Windows PC & Android. 8th December, 2016, Higher Eclectic Ground  Visitors of the Downloads section of the official TinyWars development blog may now avail of both Windows PC and Android ve...

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TinyWars extends Fan-Art Contest & number of winners

Due to the vast amount of interest received over its final days and several missing out on the original announcements, the TinyWars fan-art contest has now officially been extended by another week. Plus up to seven winners will now be award...

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TinyWars – Closed Beta, Public talk, and Art contest news

TinyWars Now Accepting Closed Beta Applications, Dev’s Talk Public Response & Fan Art Contest. 31st August 2016, Higher Eclectic Ground – Development of TinyWars' upcoming demo has progressed a significant bit since the last anno...

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TinyWars – anime Tower Defense has its demo 30% complete

Developers Bizurk Software debut their most comprehensive demonstration of the upcoming Tower Defence game’s prototype yet. 'We estimate 30% completion based on the fact that we have done 5 out of the 15 waves that will be in the demo,...