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The Universim Beta Preview: Rule the World and All Its Nuggets

In The Universim you do more than just build a city, you are a divine being, capable of miraculous works. Guide your people from caves to massive skyscrapers and on towards the stars. And should they ...

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The Universim Recenze

Chtěli jste být někdy bohem? Hra The Universim vám dává tu jedinečnou možnost! V The Universim můžete simulovat život na planetách, utvářet a měnit jejich vývoj, zkoumat a používat správné technologie...

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The Universim – New Patch is out now V 0.0.6 (CARTER)

There’s a new patch ready to be downloaded. Several bugs were fixed, new content was added to the game and many others features implemented. Carter (that’s the name of the patch) is ready to be downlo...

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The Universim – Video Review

Check our video review with written script of the upcoming new game The Universim. It should bring a lot of needed innovation to create somewhat of a new genre in the gaming world. Is it true? Let's f...

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