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Outer Worlds: Why Parvati’s Asexuality is Ace

Parvati from Outer Worlds is asexual and that's great! We look at what exactly asexuality is, why diversity is important to create interesting characters and why positive representations of asexuality...

The Outer Worlds: Complete science weapons guide

The Outer Worlds: Complete Science Weapons Guide

The Outer Worlds has some awesome and elusive weapons that will require some exploring to find. We've compiled a complete guide detailing where to find all of The Outer Worlds science weapons and how ...

The outer worlds - Beginner's tips guide

The Outer Worlds: 5 Essential Beginner’s Tips

If you’ve just begun The Outer Worlds, we have some essential beginners tips for you. From where to sink your skill points, to choosing the right companions; we have you covered. Start your journey in...

The Outer Worlds is coming to Nintendo Switch

The Outer Worlds is coming to Nintendo Switch

Just two weeks after release on home consoles and PC, the hit Obsidian RPG is now coming to the Nintendo Switch. The space-bound adventure has been exceeding expectations since hitting physical and di...

The Outer Worlds: Companions Guide

The Outer Worlds: Complete Companions Guide

Do you need to know which companions will serve you best in The Outer Worlds? Here's our complete guide to all six companions. We cover how to recruit them and what benefits you'll gain from having th...

The Outer Worlds Review: Greed Is Good

The Outer Worlds Review (PS4): Greed Is Good

The Outer Worlds manages to step out from underneath the shadow of the Fallout franchise and offers an experience that's quite unlike anything else the galaxy has seen this console generation. The gam...

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The Outer Worlds - trophies & achievements complete list

The Outer Worlds – Trophies & Achievements Complete List

A complete list of trophies and achievements for The Outer Worlds. This exhaustive list covers all platforms, so no matter where you play, we have you covered. Explore and survive the dangerous Halcyo...

Outer Worlds Launch Trailer

The Outer Worlds Launch Trailer was Released Today

Are you ready to explore The Outer Worlds? With the game finally coming next week, Obsidian has released their Launch Trailer today, focusing on player choices, as it is Obsidian's trademark when it c...

Outer Worlds Release

When exactly you can start playing The Outer Worlds

For all of you that are eager to explore The Outer Worlds, these are comprehensive visual charts as to when exactly you will be able to actually play the game. It does depend on your geographical loca...

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