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Mordor comes to Lord of The Rings Online

The long awaited Mordor expansion for Lord of The Rings Online is here. Available in three different bundles you can now gain access to lots of new content. New quests, a new race and an alliance system are all introduced to the Lord of the...

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Lord of the Rings Online will get two new locations

Check out the new zone of Far Anórien in Lord of the Ring Online. The zone includes two new areas: Taur Drúadan and The Beacon Hills. The next update for Lord of the Rings Online hasn’t arrived yet. However, the development team is no...

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LotRO – update 15 information

LotRO - update 15 information. TENTONHAMMER put all the available information about the coming update to The Lord of the Rings Online. It is very well written providing the story background, what will be newly available and showing some pic...