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The Last Guardian soundtrack available in Vinyl

Customers can get their hands on The Last Guardian's soundtrack alongside the game's release, with one of the possible formats being a vinyl cover of the game's emotional soundtrack. The Last Guardia...

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The Last Guardian possibly completed

Jun Yushino, a producer at Sony Interactive Entertainment, recently released a tweet regarding the possible completion of The Last Guardian's development, but was taken down shortly after. The Last Gu...

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The Last Guardian discounted to below $50

Online retailer giant Amazon has discounted the highly awaited title's price down to $49.99 today for standard editions. Whether or not this is a fluke remains to be seen. Online retailer Amazon has d...

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Emotional The Last Guardian trailer closes TGS

Debuted towards the end of the annual Japanese video gaming event, the video showcases Team Ico's history with Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, culminating with the studio's long awaited game slated fo...

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The Last Guardian delayed?

Sony's Tokyo Game Show 2016 line-up was announced online and via press release today, including games from PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation VR. Noticeably absent, however, was The Last...

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New looks into The Last Guardian revealed

Images released by Sony Interactive Entertainment via their Japanese blog today offer new glimpses of the long-delayed adventure game slated for PlayStation 4 this October. Sony Interactive Entertainm...

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