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The Dwarves Review (PS4)

When 1 of the 6 Magi who have sworn to protect and maintain peace goes rouge, killing the other 5 and threatening the land of Girdlegard, it's up to a humble and kind dwarven blacksmith to grab some s...

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The Dwarves – Rothbury is new “Dwarven Capital of the World”

Rothbury in Northumberland is named the "Dwarven Capital of the World". Fantasy video game The Dwarves commemorates the role that the Simonside Dwarfs folk tale played in establishing fantasy dwarves ...

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Meet The Dwarves series introduces Boindil Twoblade

The RPG gam from THQ Nordic, The Dwarves, features 15 playable characters. A Hero in the Spotlight: Meet The Dwarves video series begins with Boindil Twoblade. Vienna/Bremen, November 10th: The D...