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The Banner Saga 2 to hit consoles this July

The second installment of the award-winning indie game, The Banner Saga 2, will soon be available to console players. "We are incredibly happy to be able to release Banner Saga 2 on console so that fa...

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The Banner Saga 2 Review

A turn based game where you command a legion of Norse warriors, giants and have people breathing down your neck for every damn decision. It’s like Dungeons & Dragons if it was done right, well if it w...

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The Banner Saga 2 is due to release later today

Today is April 19th and that means not only another sunny Spring day, Tuesday but also the release of The Banner Saga 2; the second part of one of the most interesting indie games of 2014. Today is Ap...

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The release date has been announced for Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga 2 is hitting PC on April 19th. Pre-Orders are now available on Steam. Don't miss the fun. One of the most renowned indie games of 2014 is coming back in April, this year. The game is a...

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