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TankZone Battle – Win 1 out of 6 keys

We have several keys which you can easily win. Try your luck and get the game! The giveaway has ended and winners were emailed. Congratulations! Share, like and follow KeenGamer for a chance to win 1 ...

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TankZone Battle – review

A short and concise review about the indie title "TankZone Battle" About the Game: Simply put, TankZone battle is a semi Counter Strike inspired strategic tank "MOBA" (Massive-Online-Ba...

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TankZone Battle – Let’s play video

TankZone Battle - check the Let's play video from our stream and watch KnightBroseph playing this arcade tank battles in several different maps and arenas. Our streamer KnightBroseph had quite a busy ...

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TankZone Battle – interview with the creator

We made an interveiw with the only developer of TankZone Battle which is going to be released tomorrow September 21st on Steam. TankZone Battle is going to be availble from tomorrow on Steam and it wo...

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TankZone Battle – rozhovor s tvůrcem

Rozhodli jsme se udělat rozhovor s tvůrcem hry TankZone Battle, která vychází už 21. 9. na Steamu. TankZone Battle za pár dní vychází na Steamu a byla by škoda neudě...

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TankZone Battle – arcade tank battles

TankZone Battle - let's talk a little bit about this indie game from a Slovakian developer focused on clean arcade aspect of tank battles and what you can expect from the game in general The game was ...

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