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SUPERHOT VR Review: Punch, Slash and Shoot Your Way to Victory [Plus Boxing Day Update] (Oculus Quest)

SUPERHOT VR + Boxing Day Update Review: SUPERHARD! (Oculus Quest)

SUPERHOT VR is a challenging but very fun game. Punch, slash and shoot your way through various levels of intense combat and bullet-dodging action. Multiple weapon types from the thrown shuriken to qu...

7.5 Good
SUPERHOT Review (Switch)

SUPERHOT Review (Switch)

SUPERHOT is built around one simple concept: time only moves when you do. This unique concept creates a first person shooter unlike any other game on the market, with a distinctive blend of slow-motio...

8.5 Great
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Superhot Review (PSVR)

Superhot for the PSVR is not a perfect experience. At times it is incredibly frustrating the game fails to properly track and maintain location. Other times, it is incredibly fun and exciting as you p...

7 Good
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SUPERHOT is the most innovative shooter I have played in years. From its stylized environments and unique gameplay, there's almost nothing that feels like it borrowed from another fps. Despite some mi...

8.3 Great