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SUPERHOT VR Review: Punch, Slash and Shoot Your Way to Victory [Plus Boxing Day Update] (Oculus Quest)

SUPERHOT VR + Boxing Day Update Review: SUPERHARD! (Oculus Quest)

SUPERHOT VR is a challenging but very fun game. Punch, slash and shoot your way through various levels of intense combat and bullet-dodging action. Multiple weapon types from the thrown shuriken to qu...

7.5 Good
SUPERHOT Review (Switch)

SUPERHOT Review (Switch)

SUPERHOT is built around one simple concept: time only moves when you do. This unique concept creates a first person shooter unlike any other game on the market, with a distinctive blend of slow-motio...

8.5 Great
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Superhot Review (PSVR)

Superhot for the PSVR is not a perfect experience. At times it is incredibly frustrating the game fails to properly track and maintain location. Other times, it is incredibly fun and exciting as you p...

7 Good
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SUPERHOT is the most innovative shooter I have played in years. From its stylized environments and unique gameplay, there's almost nothing that feels like it borrowed from another fps. Despite some mi...

8.3 Great
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Superhot VR is available for Oculus Rift

SUPERHOT VR with Oculus Touch Available Today. Make sure not to miss this indie hit. After years of experiments and iterations, the team behind the critically acclaimed, violently beautiful time-bendi...

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Superhot releasing on Xbox One today

The incredible FPS, SuperHot, comes out today on Xbox One. The SuperHot team has released a trailer to mark this event. The trailer showcases an outstanding gameplay of SuperHot. The incredible FPS, S...

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Superhot – vydán na Xbox One

Akční logická střílečka Superhot je nyní k dostání i pro vlastníky Xbox One. Na tuto platformu byla hra uvedena přesně 3. května a každý si ji může zakoupit za cenu cca 500Kč na Xbox Store. Je ...