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Everything In the Stellaris 'Lem' Update cover

Everything In the Stellaris Lem Update

The Stellaris 3.1 'Lem' update is here! This update marks the first that the new 'Custodian' team have worked on, which seeks to create small pieces of content and bug fixes, all for free through each...

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Stellaris Utopia Review

Utopia reinvents the 4x grand strategy game Stellaris by introducing a bevy of new features. This time, the name of the game is building up your society's internal workings. Will you build an Orwellia...

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Dev Diary introduces Space Habitats for Stellaris

Stellaris was already a good game, don't get me wrong but this latest update really promises to bring in a whole host of game-changing mechanics that we're only just beginning to get a taste of. Some ...

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Stellaris to introduce Traditions Mechanics in Banks update

This next Stellaris update is shaping up to be pretty big, reworking everything from pop ethics and behaviors to how your government functions, both internally with its own politics and policies and a...

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Stellaris Announces Ethics and Pop Changes

One of the things I like about Paradox Interactive is that their games are always being improved and changed. Free updates for almost every title are standard and each one presents a very well thought...

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Stellaris free narrative pack goes live today

Those absolute madmen have done it again. Paradox Interactive has released another round of free DLC and updates. Dubbed Horizon Signal, this new and 100% free content adds in extra events for the pla...

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Five fan favorite mods for Stellaris

Mods make every game better, that's why when Skyrim relaunched they knew they had to do something to improve the vanilla game. But for every mod you can get on the Xbox One, the PC has half a dozen co...

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Stellaris Leviathans Review

Representing the first major DLC installment to the hit-game, Leviathans is now available on Steam for purchase. Coming alongside a host of free content from the most recent patch, Leviathans represen...

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Stellaris Leviathan DLC release date announced

Paradox Interactive has released new information today about their much-anticipated Leviathan DLC, including a release date. Paradox Interactive announced today the release date for their second DLC (...

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