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Stardew Valley Is a Prime Example of How to Treat a Fanbase

Could Stardew Valley's success lie in the treatment its fanbase has received from developer ConcernedApe? Today, let's dive into why Stardew Valley is attracting more players than ever before as the 1...

The Biggest Update for Stardew Valley Is Live Now for PC Players

The Biggest Update for Stardew Valley Is Live Now for PC Players

Stardew Valley got its biggest update, and it's live for PC players right now. A new Beach Farm, along with more game options, are the detailed parts of the 1.5 patch. Most of what's coming was briefl...

Farmers and fishermen in Stardew Valley

Possible Unfound Secrets Left in Stardew Valley

Farmers, think you found all of the secrets in Stardew Valley? Well, Eric Barone, the lone creator of the game, feels like some things have been left uncovered so far by players. No hints are given aw...

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Stardew Valley Review (Switch)

Stardew Valley hides an intriguing surprise to those who are willing to invest the time. Players explore the vast region of Stardew Valley as they forage in the wilderness, create relationships with t...

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Stardew Valley makes its way to Nintendo Switch

The farming simulator with rogue-like elements is coming to Nintendo Switch. The upcoming port was revealed by the game's creator, Eric Barone, on Stardew Valley's official website. According to him, ...

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10 Tips for Console Stardew Valley Players

Console players have now had a good chance to sink their teeth into the farming simulator Stardew Valley, but beginners may be feeling a little lost. Here are ten tips to help turn your desolate farml...

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Stardew Valley is coming to Consoles in December

After taking Steam by storm, Stardew Valley will be coming to PS4 on December 13 and Xbox One on December 14! A trailer has been released for it showing off its features, gameplay, and super relaxing ...

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