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Space Engineers Gets Huge Heavy Industry Update

Huge Space Engineers: Heavy Industry Update is Here

Developer Keen Software House has just unleashed the massive Space Engineers: Heavy Industry update. It adds a ton of new blocks, improvements, and fixes to the game. This major update is one of the b...

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Space Engineers: Now in Beta!

The simulation game Space Engineers hits Beta. The developer Keen Software House just release a press statement giving more information. After years in Alpha, Simulation game Space Engineers went into...

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Space Engineers latest update bug fixes

The latest Space Engineers update comes with bug fixes, as well as an update video with a sneak peek at some upcoming projects out of Keen Software House. Space engineers recently received an update w...

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Space and Medieval Engineers giveaway!

Do you wish to create your own spaceship or medieval castle? Do you wish to build technological wonders, land on planets or just make a farm, catapult and become a knight? You have the possibility rig...

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Space Engineers – dev diary: What makes Planets unique

New developers diary made by lead designer Tomas Rampas is focused on the creation of the biggest update for Space Engineers. You can take a look at the amazing process of making Planets for this sand...

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Space Engineers & Medieval Engineers – Roadmap

After two years of development it is time to share some more information about both games. As Marek Rosa, CEO of Keen Software House, said: "People deserve to know how our games are shaping up, especi...

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Space Engineers Preview

Keen Software House annihilates all other block-based sandbox games with Space Engineers. Creativity has never been pushed so far and astuteness of ingame mechanics is almost unbelievable. What about ...

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Space Engineers – source code access & 100,000 USD fund

Did anybody expect that the Keen Software House studio will make this step? To release the game's source code? And provide money for other developers? Great and curageous leap from them! As you can re...

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Space Engineers – interview in Czech newspaper

Space Engineers - interview in Czech newspaper. Aktuálně.cz – Czech online newspaper made an interview with the boss of Keen Software House studio, Marek Rosa. At the beginning the game i...

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