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Silent Hill New IP

Silent Hill’s Next Release Will Be a Slot Machine

Have you ever wanted to be scared at a Casino? Well, now you can at least play a Slot Machine based on the game that used to scare you as a child, given how players of the Silent Hill franchise are pr...

Check Out This Fan-Made PT Remake before Konami Shut It Down

If you never had the chance to play the original P.T, there's a fan-made remake you can download on PC for free, how long before Konami take it down though? You probably know the story of P.T. A myste...

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Wanna play a 90’s Demake Of Silent Hills on your browser?

Ever wondered what Silent Hills' Playable Teaser would have looked like if it was made in the 90's? Well now you can experience just that for free in your browser with this ''90's demake'' of the inf...

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Silent Hills – teaser trailer from TGS

Silent Hills - teaser trailer from TGS 2014. Do you like all the Silent Hill games? Then you should be pleased by this short but atmosperic teaser.

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