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Shenmue III To Receive “Breaking News” At Gamscom 2018

Gamescom is similar to E3 in that we get major updates on the releases of upcoming titles. Shenmue III appears to be a beneficiary this year as Ys Net announced "Breaking News" for the Kickstarter tit...

Check out a New Trailer and Screenshots for Shenmue III

Ys Net and director Yu Suzuki showed off new screenshots and a new trailer for Shenmue III yesterday during Magic Monaco, showing off some new quicktime events and minigames that will appearing in the...

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Shenmue III Delayed To 2nd Half Of 2018

Shenmue III will not only skip E3 but will also not release before the second half of 2018. Game director Yu Suzuki reveals that the game keeps growing bigger and bigger in scope and ambition. Yu Suzu...

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Shenmue III Will Skip E3 2017

YS Net announces that Shenmue III will skip E3 as they work hard to make more progress in development. The third video in their development series shows a new character model. YS Net just released the...

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Shenmue 3 – August Development Report

We received a report from the developers of the upcoming game Shenmue 3. Be sure to check it out! We've received a report from the developers of the upcoming Shenmue 3 game in the Shenmue series....

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Keiji Okayasu to Return for Shenmue 3

It has been announced that Keiji Okayasu - a sub-director on Shenmue and Shenmue 2 - will be returning to his position to work on Shenmue 3. Okayasu stated that "Shenmue 3 is underway, and I have jus...

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