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Seven Mages Early Access First Impression

Seven Mages is a turn-based dungeon crawler by small studio Napoleon Games, released for Steam in March 2016. Despite being in Early Access, Seven Mages shows amazing progress and could pass off as a ...

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Seven Mages – support the game on Steam Greenlight

If you like dungeon crawlers which you could play on PC or on mobile phones as well, then you should check out this game and support its development on Steam. There is not much to say. If you love Wiz...

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Seven Mages – Release Date jako vánoční dárek

V Napoleon Games letošní vánoce neoslavili vydáním hry Brány Skeldalu: 7 mágů, ale jako malou náhradu všem fanouškům oznámili alespoň přesný Release Date. Místo očekávaného vyd&aa...

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Seven Mages – Release Date announced

Napoleon Games studio hasn´t finished its Seven Mages till Christmas. But the team brings at least the release date as a small Christmas gift for you. While they can´t give you the game for Chri...

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Seven Mages – presentation of musical magic

Napoleon Games released yesterday new video showing one kind of a magic in the game. And musical magic seems very interesting. Seven Mages are still hard in the development and there is a lot of work ...

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