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RIFT – 23-hour rollback performed

RIFT - 23-hour rollback performed. Many players are not very happy (to say at least) and experienced something what can be called as a mmo's player nightmare. 1-day rollback. It influenced one of the more populated servers. Trion World...

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Rift – Nightmare tide is live!

Rift - Nightmare tide is live! Let's go and swim in new areas and explore new locations with increased level cap and more!

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Rift: Nightmare tide’s collector’s editions

Rift: Nightmare tide's collector's editions From now on you can buy 3 collector's editions for the launch of Rift 3.0 on October 6th.  There is Typhoon edition for €22.49  Infusion Edition for for €44.99  And U...

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Rift 3.0 Launches October 8

Rift 3.0 Launches October 8 New big update for Rift is coming on October 8. There will be 5 new levels to gain, Plane of Water to explore, new mimions, masteries and much, much more. According to Trion.