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Renoir released today

The noir puzzle adventure of Renoir hits Steam and other digital stores today! In this atmospheric murder mystery, death is just the beginning… Join the late Detective James Renoir on his way to solvi...

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Renoir is coming to PC in November 2016

1C is happy to announce that it will be publishing Renoir. This noir 2D puzzle platformer will be released on Windows PC in November 2016. Renoir was acquired from Soulbound Games and BWF became the n...

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Renoir – KS campaign was cancelled

Renoir - KS campaign was cancelled unfortunately. Is James Renoir really dead? What about the mission to find his murderer? Soulbound Games cancelled today the KickStarter campaign of Renoir. It is a ...

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Renoir is #10 on Steam Greenlight

Renoir and Soulbound Games studio has launched a KickStarter campaign and together with it also tries to get the game Greenlit. And it looks more than well. Why? Because RENOIR is #10 right now on Ste...

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Renoir available on KickStarter

New story-driven 2.5D puzzle platformer that draws a deep drag of inspiration from film noir genre gets on KickStarter and needs your help and of course money to be developed. In these days it is hard...

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