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Rememoried – Interview with the creator Vladimír Kudělka

Vladimír Kudělka is not just a really strong man but also a successful developer of Rememoried. Quite a unique game which was created because of his dreams and imagination. He gave us very interesting...

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Weekly Giveaway $100 – Rememoried

In our next Weekly Giveaway you can win a great surrealist explorative first-person adventure Rememoried. 100$ SWEEPSTAKES GIVEAWAY You need to make just few clicks and have a big chance of winning. R...

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Rememoried – rozhovor s tvůrcem Vladimírem Kudělkou

Rememoried - zeptali jsme se Vladimíra na plno otázek ohledně tvorby hry, kde čerpal inspiraci a co mu vývoj a hra přinesla nebo vzala. Čtete dále. Ahoj, můžeš se nám představit a ř&iacu...

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Rememoried – Review

A Short and Concise Review of Rememoried. DISCLAIMER: Honestly, I am not exactly a fan of this genre of game, for this reason this review may be a little bit shorter and will be lacking a score. I fee...

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