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Red Dead Redemption can soon be played on PC

Revolver, tick. Horse, tick. Damsel in distress, tick. Using PS NOW, the original Red Dead Redemption can be played on PC from the 6th of December. Since launch, PC players have begged for Rockstar&ap...

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PC Fans rally to bring Red Dead Redemption 2 to PC

The title's official announcement by Rockstar yesterday drew ire from the PC community, as many flocked to social media and to express their disappointment in the game coming to consoles bu...

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Red Dead Redemption 2 scheduled for fall 2017 release

It's official, Rockstar has announced Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out fall of next year. Not only this, but they have teased at a trailer releasing later this week. Red Dead Redemption was the spi...

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Take Two Registers Red Dead Online Websites

After some cryptic teasing, Take Two, Rockstar's Publisher, has registered two sites that reference Red Dead Online. Is the next biggest wild western game going multiplayer? Lets find out! Unless you&...

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Rockstar continue to tease Read Dead Sequel with new image

Rockstar Games have again today released a new image again teasing the Red Dead sequel that many have been waiting for.. Rockstar Games continue to tease us with possible Red Dead Redemption sequ...

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A New Red Dead Redemption? Check it out!

Since May 18th, 2010 fans have been chomping at the bit for a new Red Dead game, and this morning Rockstar may have shown us that they're ready to play ball. There's been rumors, fan theories, and doz...

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Red Dead Redemption Review

Developed by Rockstar San Diego, this open-world game takes inspiration from the works of Sergio Leone in order to deliver an authentic feeling of Spaghetti Western experience. Red Dead Redemption pu...

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